Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Protestant Reformation: 500 Years Ago For Nothing?

Wartburg Castle
My  German cousin sent me a brochure he picked up on a recent visit to Wartburg in Germany. It's  open from April to October each year.  The fortress, castle and now museum is truly stunning. A variety of styles grace it yet it seems to hang together. Some modern architects could learn a lesson or two here. The new or remodeled museums in New York City come to mind.

Wartburg was one of the places that protected Luther during the long and messy 30 Years War. This was NOT what Luther intended. He merely wanted to reform the church. But we are seeing how difficult that is under Pope Francis in modern times. The depth of graft and corruption is staggering; possibly worse in Luther's time. There was no media to expose it. Troublemakers were sent to the outer reaches of the church.

Germany is preparing to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther whose famous theses against the excesses of the Catholic Church created the Protestant Reformation. In many ways, the arguments were not new. Umberto Eco's amazing book, THE NAME OF THE ROSE, a murder mystery set in a 15th century scriptorium (a place where monks did nothing but copy ancient texts), has an investigator, sent from England, to solve the crime. He discusses the heresies of the church he in pledged to root out as well. It's shocking and enlightening to realize what the church had rejected would soon see the light of day.

Luther used the castle from 1521 for almost a year working on a Protestant Bible in German. Up to
One of many elegant room in the castle and museum at Wartburg
this time all Bibles were in Latin.  When Gutenburg and others printed the Bible in their own languages the Catholic Church was no longer the only repository of Bibical knowledge.

The arts exploded with paintings, pamphlets and other media telling the stories for a mostly illerate but quickly learning how to read and write public. Rembrandt, Titan, Goya, El Greco, Rubens created magnificent paintings revealing truths about the Bible only hinted at before. They are treasured and revered even today!

For what? A recent study revealed a smaller proportion of the public goes to or supports the Christian church. More and more people are turning secular. Magnificent churches in Europe are empty if not for the tourists. You have to admire the passion of Muslims. We were like that 500 years ago fighting and dying in our cause, Catholic vs. Protestant. But no more.

Why? I feel the church has not made itself relevant. The words and actions are ancient but the human experience isn't. We repeat the same errors recorded long ago often refusing or not understanding what those verses mean. A good pastor, and they are rare, brings focus to our foibles and the verses helping us see, learn and hopefully correct the error of our ways.  Until that happens, Christianity, like so many other religions, will join the footnotes of history.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Art of the Horror Movie

I remember my first Godzilla movie. You know they were kind of grainy black and white films with "B" actors and laughable dialogue. But to an 8-10 year old, they were scary. Most actors disappeared but Jim Arness and others went on to long run TV shows or movie stars (Steve McQueen from The Blob").
I watched the latest version last night, barely a year old already on HBO! It was easy to see why too.

While the plot was marginal and oddly Godzilla killed the praying mantis like creature terrorizing everyone, you have to wonder about the time, effort and, yes, artistry that went into the special effects. I have no idea if the movie made money but Godzilla has fans across the generations starting with the Boomers and gets new ones all the time.

It has all the elements of excitement. Cities with death and destruction, the same basic plot of discovery of the monster (s) yet again, waking it up with dire results with attempts time after time to destroy him and a nebulous resolution of events. I must admit I was surprised when Godzilla, mostly absent during this version, suddenly shows up and goes after what I assume was a competitor not caring for the puny humans helpless to stop the rampage.

If you are a fan of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, you have seen what movie posters from the past are worth! The originals especially can be worth thousands and depending on the movie, rare posters are too. If anything today's posters are more detailed, like the movies they represent, and they are works of art.

Look at Godilla above. You may not like the subject but there is no denying the layout, execution and skill of the artist is amazing. Many artists may feel like hacks yet you can't deny their skill. They have captured the essence of the movie in a single image. Planes, boats and the monster are locked in a deadly battle and this image leaves no doubt who will win. If anything Godzilla movies are about the only sci-fi flicks that end this way. Most sci-fi movies have massive destruction and resolution at the end. The good guys win.  With Godzilla you are never sure. You do know that, so far, he will return. Maybe that's the attraction.

I'm sorry. An iPad will not import a photo in its own album or photo collection. They have some work to do here. To see some amazing posters go to GOOGLE, click images and type in "Godzilla." They are simply amazing. This is one of the reasons an iPad will never replace a computer.

I urge you, the next time you go to the movies or pick up a DVD, to look at the posters or covers and see the artistry. The artist in every way meets the tenets of good art techniques even having to account for type in ways most"artists" never will. There are lessons here for all of us.