Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Do YOU Decide Colors

I am sure that every artist looks at a blank something and in his minds eye tries to decide how to color it...paints, welding, words, notes, images. What do you do? What do you say? To make matters worse, if you are trying to sell that same item, how do you describe it?

Rummaging through my more than ample stock of projects to be, I came across this sleigh. It was blank...unfinished wood. Looking at it, I thought it might be fun to try a winter theme and just not Christmas. This way it could be used before AND after the holidays. But...what scene? A traditional motif of Pennsylvania Dutch? Trees? A village? Browsing through some art magazines I saw a variety of snowmen. Viola! There was my theme but, what colors? Can you create a wintry happy scene? Brurrrrr. Its cold outside. Is it ever fun?

Growing up in Portland, OR, you were used to rain. Other than a monsoon, we kids were always outside. Snow was a treat however, and I remembered the fun we had going up and down the big hill a block away. When we got blue we went home to hot chocolate and a warm fire. So, with those memories in mind I figured the snowmen would love that cold.

Choosing colors is a balancing act though. I put the paints in front of me and tried to decide. I finally settled, after much moving and comparing that two cold blues separated by a pale sage green would do the trick. Pine trees covered in snow framed the snowmen. Suddenly it fell together. But it doesn't always do that.

So the question remains, how do YOU decide colors? I would be interested in finding out! Comment here or email me at 

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