Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DecoArt Goodies

One of the rewards for winning one of the DecoArt summer contests, other than the money, is the goodie box that comes with it.

Yesterday, working on a project, as usual, the doorbell rings and as I go to the door see the ubiquitous brown UPS truck at the curb. On the porch is a well wrapped box from DecoArt!

What goodies there were inside! Two new 16 oz. bottle of matt and gloss decoupage glue, Americana Gloss paints, Americana matt paints, three packets of stencils, foam and bristle stippling brushes and a set of the new 2012 colors. It was like Christmas in July! In fact, looking for an outdoor sealer for my birdhouses at Home Depot, I came across some stippling brushes and almost bought them. Since they didn't have a clear outdoor Varathane (I'm sorry, I spend too much time worrying about color to buy a sealer that is for exterior use that will add a "warm" glow to my project) I didn't buy the brushes. In fact that is the subject for another post in the future.

I certainly want to thank DecoArt, but also realized that this box opened for me a whole new set of possibilities. It made me realize that it is worth spending time at a craft store and actually seeing what products are out there. Just by reading the labels and what the product can do, is illuminating. However, I think that they should have  included the 2012 product catalog as well so that you could see what other exciting things are available. Large craft stores just don't carry everything even if they want you to think they do. If I wasn't going to my class at the Tole Bridge in Norco, CA, I might well never know what other products are available.

Thank you DecoArt. I can't wait to try your wonderful gift out!

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