Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yard Sale Treasures

I don't know about you, but I have never really been a very good hunter for treasures at yard sales. As my wife puts it, your junk has become my junk. I have a friend who can literally find the gold from the chaff. I never do.

However, there are treasures out there and I have started to look for old frames that can be refurbished for my paintings and items that I might be able to decorate and give a new lease on life.

Such an item is this handmade note holder. It uses a roll of adding machine tape on a spindle, there's a space to write and once the note is made, you pull it through at the bottom. Clever. There are even holes to put a pencil or pen through the holder.

It was a nifty idea I thought with lots of possibilities. In fact, I wish I had the pattern to make more!

Using my "Crazy Quilt" concept, I decided that it would look spiffed up decorated in muted colors. It would be the perfect kitchen, telephone or even exit by the front door reminder of things to do. Here it is as I got it, and as I started to decorate. There are some of you that might think I should have left it alone but what's the fun of that? Using only pastel colors, it will be interesting to see where this goes. 

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