Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is Grey The New Black?

Grey Checked Shirt
One of the things I first noticed on our recent trip to Europe was that everyone, especially the men, were wearing a lot of grey clothing.

Grey? Really? I thought it was just a few people I saw in Oslo, then many more in Bergen. It seemed to be everywhere, even the sticks of Myrdal and other out of the world places up north in Norway. Grey pants, LOTS of grey shorts either plain or with plaids, shirts, t-shirts, printed T's, and even shoes, leather and running type.

I wondered, is grey the new black? Has everyone finally gotten tired of black? I mean, truthfully, after a few washings many black cotton things are very soon grey anyway.

Then when we got to Denmark I again noticed the same pattern. T-shirts that were usually black were now grey. Printed designs and such but spiffy new ones in grey. Same with pants and really handsome men's dress shoes. I almost stopped one guy to inquire where he got his shoes. He wasn't a kid either but a middle aged man dressed well but not formal. Mostly in grey.

In Amsterdam I must admit I saw color combinations in men's clothing I had NEVER seen before. We had an AFS student from Austria who made disparaging remarks about the way Dutch dress (trust me his brown jeans and orange-yellow-white striped shirts are anything but haute couture) but after a few rides around town had to agree. Lavender polos over spring green jeans, teal and pink stripes on a dress...the list could go one and on. In fact, those wearing grey seemed dressed up!

After a few days home after our European trip, we flew up to Portland, OR for my 50th High School Reunion and again was surprised to see men dressed like their counterparts in Northern Europe. Grey everything including some shoes I nearly bought. I did buy grey Columbia sneakers at their airport store though but really had my eye on the grey wingtips that were really, really sharp. No such thing has yet appeared in SoCal.

I can remember a comment on Sybil Shepard's show from years ago that stated "We're gonna wear black until there's a darker color." That got a good laugh but maybe, finally, the laugh is finally on them. Grey may not be much different but for the greying boomer generation it is kinder on greying heads and beards. If there is anything that shows the lines on a face or something near to your face over the age of 40 or so, its black! Remember the kindly old grandmother who dyed her hair black until her dying day? Remember those wrinkles? Nature has a way of softening our faces against the hands of time. Its called grey hair. Maybe its time to apply that color, for young and old!

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