Sunday, November 3, 2013

My First Gallery Showing!

Alan Krug of KrugsStudio in SoHo Gallery
Finally, I put some paintings and crafts in a gallery! The SoHo Gallery that's run by the Pomona Valley Artists Association in old town Pomona, CA. It's in the basement but during the Saturday Night Art Walks it gets quite a crowd.

I know. The irony is I had been here several times in years past because an artist who is also a family friend managed this same gallery. Back then I never dreamed I would be showing anything, ever.

Taking this step has been a long time coming. As I wrote earlier, what one loves, art in my case, and what one does, paint on a variety of surfaces, doesn't qualify you for much of anything. There's a long step from painting to qualifying to show.

The PVAA called last Thursday and said I had been accepted to show. I would be foolish not to have been both pleased and excited. I was!

Then comes the hard part. What to show? I had 10 paintings to choose from but after putting one after another up I realized that what I started with and the final paintings were very different. What is the right balance? How many and how to arrange them in the space provided ? How many times did I climb that ladder? About a two hour nap when I got home.

Oddly, picking and displaying my craft painting was an easier choice. I had a collection of CRAZY QUILT items, and also a collection of Christmas items (hey, Christmas is less than two months away) that had to fit on a too small top. Yet somehow it works.

Its a taste of what I create. I'm hoping this exposure, as limited as it might be, is also an opening. To see in person what I create is all I ask. There are plenty of opportunities. A boutique, competitions, art walks and gallery hours - all opportunities to expose the art of member artists.

If you are ever in Pomona, the gallery is located at 300 3rd St., in the basement. It's open from 11-4 Thursdays through Sundays, 11-9 the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. If you're ever in the area come visit!

I'll keep my Etsy store. Please visit me at

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