Monday, February 17, 2014

Now About Those Drones

If there is anything that will cause a heated discussion, all you have to do is say the word "drone" and step back and let the games begin. Really!

Can't you see it now? The CHP firing missiles at those jerks trying to flee them? The car chase would be a thing of the past as it would be over before the newscaster helicopters could even get there! Talk about a fun spoiler.

Want that Amazon order pronto? Well, when you hear the buzz of the drone, check your front door. It may be here sooner than you think.  Or, how about that pizza. Who wants to leave the game and drive over to order and get it. Or have to wait forever for them to make it and the pizza man to deliver. Drones will be at your beck and call and they don't need exact change or tips.

The FAA is struggling to write rules that cover these things because they could clog our already congested airline air space. If everyone and his brother could have them AND use them, what's a government agency to do? There is one thing that can be assured though, if they get involved the rules will fill thousands of pages and most likely be unenforceable. Heck, they can't even enforce just about any law in the land there are so many!

I do have some thoughts though and while they may be selfish you can rest assured a good many of those seeking permits are also self minded.

I wish they would use drones to find out why traffic is congested. You know find the two or three drivers at the head of the pack going 55 mph in the fast lane and won't move over. Take their photo, the license number and send them an email ticket. Get a few and you get points on your record. Or how about the jerk weaving in and out of traffic that will most likely cause an accident but not be in one. There is never a cop around. But a drone?

Let's say you're painting plein air and you've run out of a needed color, you know like Sap Green. A quick text to Dick Blick and soon the paint is sent to you by drone. Or maybe a Margarita at the beach or anyone of wildly popular items that you forgot, suddenly need or are in an expansive mood to want.

Who knows, I can see ACLU declaring that everyone at birth has the right to get a drone...that would be like getting your very own robot at birth and having it work instead of you. Theorists as far back as the 1990's noted that in the west and maybe in the world in general there are more people than jobs. I can remember in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 1980's there was still an elevator man. Can you imagine? I hadn't seen that since the 1950's in the states. In the late 1990's Japanese grocery stores had you bag your own groceries, something I am sure the unions in this country would fight tooth and nail. Only Fresh and Easy makes you ring up your purchases and bag your loot. However, it never quite works right so there are still humans there to help us mere mortals purchase and bag. So, where IS the savings?

If your child is not college bound and hopefully not prison bound, and is good with his or her hands, there will soon be a whole new field open them. Maintaining drones. Just like car mechanics, if they haven't a clue about computers don't let them near my car. Other than some form of engine, a car today is a computer on wheels and hybrids not all that different from your laptop or iPad. In fact there is a very funny Chevy commercial that demonstrates that Apple Computer's Siri is its voice command center. The lesson here of course, is don't get your messages with your wife is in the car. The greater message though is that if you use one type of electronic device, your car is one more in the crowd.

To drone or not to drone, that IS the question. I bet everyone has some thoughts about this.

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