Saturday, March 15, 2014

How Do Others See Us?

Photo taken March 15, 2014
Walking today I was struck by the wording on the sign of the local florist. I guess he really wants you to order early for Valentine's Day, 2015 because it is March 15th and Valentine's Day is long over.

While it would be prudent to change the sign now and then, at least make it timely as, after all, Easter is right around the corner, it got me to wonder, just how do people perceive us? Us being the artist in us. When they see one of our creations, do they see a behind the times notice of things past or are they viewing the excitement of the now that we feel when we create? It is something to definitely consider.

I don't think that it has anything to do with the style.  It could be a landscape painting in the manner of the Impressionists or Constable. It can be abstract or Pennsylvania Dutch birdhouse or tray or piece of clothing. What does count, at least to me, is that it is something new, something that maybe no one has seen or noticed before.

Reams of articles, Etsy being one of the most notorious, have been written about sprucing up your store, getting noticed such as: 10 Tips for Success On The Interest, Pinterest, Etsy, etc., How to Get Noticed, and on and on. However, while these are all important considerations, I still think that when all is said and done, timeliness is the order of the day. In its own sad way, it reflects what many of us do and not what we are or want to be.  Keep that sign in mind, its a trap that we don't want to fill into.

I figure that in April I will post my Halloween items, that's 6 months away. In July it will be time to put back those Christmas items. Six months is a good lead time don't you think? I know some people shop for Christmas year around but maybe out of sight for awhile makes them all that more precious and original when they are available again.

When all is said and done, the reality is, we enjoy the process of creation. Being able to sell and maybe even make a living off of our creations is icing on the cake!

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