Thursday, February 19, 2015

To Be An Artist You Need To Dress The Part!

The other day I was looking at the various emails I get from a variety of "art" sites and it suddenly struck me that artists of all types seem compelled to look weird. Not all but a abnormally high percentage. Does that make them a better artist or is it their way of shouting - "hey look at me!" Granted some are easier on the eyes and ears than others but that led me to consider do they have any talent? Todays "artist" will oftentimes fade away next year.

At first glance she looks like some sweet young thing, a closer study shows
she is very long in the tooth!
Would I be more successful if I wore dangly earrings like I see guys in their 60's do? How about a long tied up pony tale below my balding head down to my waist? A beard that usually needs a thorough cleaning; big and bushy that would do a Taliban fighter justice? I don't know about them but this wouldn't have passed muster with my mother.

It seems the Boomers in their rebellion started a new, for lack of a better word, workers style that manages to hang on still. They simply haven't grown up.Torn jeans with the places worn out set you back $200 +. We went from a decade of poopy pants, pants so big and low we had to see their underwear. We can thank the Lord at least they wore some! Now we have jeans so tight they don't fit anyone anywhere. And lately, rolled up cuffs on jeans like they wore in "Rebel Without A Cause."

Whats old becomes new again. Fashion follows art and often not so successfully. However, there is a real resurgence in more traditional, classical art. Here at the Getty Center is an exhibit of J. M. W. Turner's paintings after he turned 60. One of his "smaller" pieces just sold for $20 million. So you old farts out there still have a chance!

Rain Steam and Speed the Great Western Railway

If you have never seen a Turner he could be almost credited with leading the explosion of color that was embraced in Impressionism. He embraced modern technology of the day as is shown with an English train on its daily run. There is a movie out about him that I hear is quite good. What I did notice though, was that he pretty much dressed like everyone else. I guess when modern art hit our shore "artists" felt compelled to show they were different. In many cases the artist became part of the artistic package. None of my favorites of this era went to these extremes. Maybe their mothers trained them well!

These are my current musings and finally felt that I had to pass them on! Art and the art of living are not always equal.

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