Thursday, May 14, 2015

Down But Not Out

Today, after a few months in and out of out of hospitals I feel like writing. After struggling with Google, who said I had changed my passwords (what from the hospital bed?) I wanted to celebrate the resiliance of the human spirit and body.

What got me into trouble was my lungs. I had two very serious pulmonary embolisms over the years and was warned I would be more suspectable to lung infections. Well, it caught up with me. I was not alone as several friends fell to the infections as well. After a near death experience the first time around, they immediately pumped me full of anti-biotics the next few times. Back nearly a week now my lungs seem to be holding up.

However, in the midst of all this is was discovered I had low blood pressure that could drop by half when I stood up. Keeping balance, sometimes even sitting, became a worry so I have bonded with my walker, a detestable thing that allows me to get around.

Despite all the drugs though, I have managed to read and have followed closely the art world through an App on my iPad called Flipboard (along with news, business and technology). I reflected a great deal on design and the importance of art. On the darkest days there is a painting or photograph around that shines on us and makes that day more tolerable. We in a sense basque in its beauty.

The Picasso art sale was stunning. Was it worth that much?  Obviously to someone. The thing about Picasso is that his paintings bring out what is the best and worst about modern art. It certainly is striking but will it last? Will other generations revere his art like we do or dismiss him as needing serious mental help? His antics while painting certainly have more than a whiff of craziness. He was brilliant and yet with visions few followed. There is no beauty in the western sense instead it seems to find ways to negate those standards. It has been observed that grade school children paint as well.

He could be an amazing painter but something changed and his art became cartoon like and well for some not very flattering. Colors, shapes, even eyes that we use to center a space were not where we expected them. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or someone with enough money who could care less except to impress.

Are we rewarding the best? At times you have to wonder.

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