Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Left Brain, Right Brain

I had an interesting discussion on Father's Day with my family over an article I had read in the paper. You know, the printed kind. My son then responded that he had seen the same thing on the Internet and noted that you didn't have to have a printed paper to do that. I stopped and tried to explain what I had said when my wife chimed in as well. They are both right handed. Totally confused by now and surprised at the tone of their comments I fell silent.

His girlfriend then spoke saying that she understood exactly what I had said and then went on to explain it even better. She understood what I was trying to say and that seemed to mollify everyone.

Later after a wonderful dinner and then beer at a local tavern, I began to reflect on what had happened that evening. It made me begin to question how we think, how we hear and what we hear. How did it happen that two right brained and two left brained people had such a positive or negative reaction to a simple statement? The girlfriend and I are left handed, VERY left handed, the son and wife are right handed.

Is it something this simple that causes so many of the conflicts we face in life? The causes of wars, religious divides, even movements in art? Do we see or hear things differently? Does the brain of one type process events differently? It certainly gives me pause.

I would be interested in hearing what you think. Do you feel that being right brained, or left brained truly makes a difference in the way you perceive things? Does it alter the way you see the world?

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