Monday, June 4, 2012

To See

An artist, of any stripe, wants to create. Not only do they want to create but to create something that has meaning. While an audience may not always agree with the artists meaning, or vision, to the artist and maybe to the future, that meaning will become apparent. The artist Vincent Van Gogh comes to mind. To read his letters is to experience the emotions anyone who creates something knows: the doubt, the ache of expression, the feeling that what you are doing probably has no purpose but to entertain, get you to see.
Crafters, often a dirty word become the "something" they create isn't considered "real" art, DO create something because it is much closer to the heart. And after all, isn't ART in the eye of the beholder? Anyone who watches THE ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW has learned that lesson a long time ago.

We may not be able to purchase a great masterpiece and have to settle for a print. The purpose of the purchase? To give your home, a room, a place in that room a bit color, a focal point, something that brings comfort and peace to you. 

I love color. Every piece that I create has me agonizing over what colors to use, what combination looks wonderful together. Many times I will find that a color I thought I wanted just didn't work and will grab another. Often I will find that the piece is far to garish and at a point of giving up will run an antiquing wash over it only to find that somehow, I can never explain why, it all works. It is exactly what I had in mind.

I feel that every room in your house should have a focal point. Some place that your eyes will "see" and enjoy. In my house, we have things from around the world that we have picked up. Our mantle is littered with Oaxacan monsters whose garish colors scream yet somehow form a harmonious whole. There are many pieces to look at, to remember, and for the visitor entertain.

Never be afraid of buying something that attracts your eye. Place it proudly for all to see...for YOU to see, reflect and remember. After all, aren't those the best kind of memories?

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  1. Beautiful. Yes, they are the best kind of memories!