Monday, January 7, 2013

American Craft Magazine

One of the fun things about crafting, the arts and all that, is that you become more aware of what other people are doing. If you are like me, you are always looking for something new, maybe a new twist on what you have been doing. Many times, we look back at a body of our work and realize that we are stuck in a rut. Maybe that's just me.

Anyone who has looked at my store on Etsy can clearly see that I have styles all over the place. Maybe I am just more influenced by others and think, "Hey, I can do that but not quite the same way." That is what inspiried my crazy quilt series. I had seen crazy quilts and quilts in general for years! My wife makes lovely quilts. One day, faced with a blank birdhouse and tired of my Pennsylvania Dutch designs thought, hey why not? The crazy part wasn't the quilt idea but putting it on a three dimensional surface. I had paint everywhere as I would forget as I added the background colors and later the designs (you see each base color had its own pattern on top just like real fabric) I would go around the thing and realize when I was done with that design I had smeared the paint on another side, and often all over me as well. I had to do one, maybe two sides and then put it down to dry. (Our old Wedgewood stove oven was often used to good purpose because it has a pilot light and is just the right temperature).

I think the idea was a success and I have used it on other birdhouses, a few trays, even an old notepad holder that was recycled, repainted AND sold on Etsy.

This leads me to the purpose here today. I know that we all get in a rut at times. And inspiration seems to allude us no matter what we see all around us. I stumbled on "American Craft" magazine at the bookstore (you know those places where there are real books you can touch and feel - not like an online store?) and one of the many cards in it fell out on the floor. I bought the magazine and was impressed not only with the presentation (design IS after all important to me) but the variety of things it covered. If there is ever any doubt about how important design could be, check out this magazine. It is full of amazing creations by amazing people. It will inspire you. It sure has me.

Be sure to check out my store on Etsy. I have started to add photographs that I have taken over the years. I've been to South America, Europe, Africa, Japan and many places in the US. You will find my store at:


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