Friday, January 18, 2013

Learning From Past Experience - Part 2

In a this painting series, I am continuing to document a painting that is my second take on a cactus painting. In the original I had a mess of black and pink paint that almost had me losing track of what I was trying to do. In this second attempt, I charted a new course of painting and so far, it seems to be somewhat more successful. But no less complicated.

The surprise has been how much time this supposedly simpler version is taking. Yet, it is coming together too. Cactus are a lot more work than most people realize and of course, I had to pick the most difficult collection of cactus flutes that rise all over the place. There are many more colors in cactus. They are not just green but so many subtle other colors. Yet, I think my idea was correct. I am not having trouble finding my way, it is just that there is so much more with each cactus.

Here is a middle stage of the painting. Be sure to check the my January 11th posting of the original steps of the painting. This is how I do it. I would enjoy hearing from other artists and seeing what they do. One is never too old NOT to learn new tricks.

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