Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finally, Learning From Past Experience Finished!

I did it. I went walking this morning and finding a cactus similar to the one I painted, I looked at it carefully, took a few photos and when I came home realized that yes, I really did need to put those cactus needles on my painting.

Its done. I don't want to mess with it anymore. Overworking is usually FAR worse than underworking.

So now you have it, the way I, Alan Krug, paint. It may not be the most elegant or even the recommended way, but I do achieve the affect I want or something close. If I don't get what I want, it is my painting, not the subject or materials.

I should also note that every one of the paints used here was from DecoArt. Most were those little bottles of their Americana line, the one with far too many colors (I mean where's the fun in not mixing?) and their superlative line of Traditions paint that comes close to oils in richness and opaqueness.

We have no idea how permanent this paint will be but it is wonderful to work with. I use it now for paintings, such as this, as well as on all of my craft items be they birdhouses, trays, clocks on wood, bisque and paper. There will soon be a paint that can be used easily on metal, fabric and glass as well as wood, bisque and paper. Won't that be exciting!

What do you think? I am curious if this step-by-step lesson was of any use for artists, even as a lesson on what NOT to do. Comments are always appreciated.


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