Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maybe There is Hope After Missing A Show!

What do you do with a whole bunch of canvases...25 in fact, that were all ready for two different classes? I stared at the box of canvases for a day or so after coming home from rehabitation and thought, well, there is surely a lot of work in this, maybe I too should make up kits and see if I can sell them online.

Here it is...all dressed up and nowhere to go!

Then out of the blue, someone on Etsy contacted me and said she had signed up for the class and was sorry I was unable to attend the show. "Would you be interested in selling a kit? Do you have a kit," she asked? I didn't but had already run the idea in my mind. All the pieces were there. They had to be. Each student in class got one.  Photos, instruction sheet, canvas and the outline to trace on their own canvas if they wished. All I hade to do was put them in a sleeve!

This class should be easy to paint as I taught it to a friend who had never painted before. He did great and finished much faster than I dreamed possible. Watching him I made modifications to my instructions that I think make it easy to understand. The lesson for me was that even though it was my painting even I couldn't create an exact duplicate. And maybe it shouldn't be. Just as a singer over the years modifies a great hit, artists techniques change as well.

The canvas is an archival polyester stretched over a wooden frame that is I wonderful to paint on. It doesn't need any preparation - its ready to start painting on. It has a smooth texture that allows the paint to glide across the surface yet allow textures to show through.

Maybe in great disappointment another door opens. We shall see.

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