Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Humor As A Selling Tool

As an Etsy store seller, I often don't see a lot of humor in the selling part. I love what I do and am constantly exploring things to make and ways to get them sold. That said, I am also always looking for new ideas, new twists on what I do.

However, the other day, when checking up on those I follow I noticed an unusual Birdhouse covered with wine corks so,of course, I clicked on it. You can imagine my surprise when I read the following:

"All the wine (I'm assuming from the vast quantity of corks shown) was consumed humanely in California." I passed it by, then stopped, went back to read the description again and burst into laughter. With all those corks, is there any other way to consume the wine but, well, humanely? I can't seem to find the seller but I do want to congratulate them on their hysterical prose! It sure caught my eye. I'm a little jealous, they sell more Birdhouses than I do. Maybe I should switch from beer to wine!

That brings up my point, is there a place for humor when we sell what we make? Absolutely! In fact, maybe we should use it more. How many ads do you remember? Now how many of them were funny? I don't know about you but with rare exceptions, the few I remember were funny. That's been my complaint about Super Bowl ads the past few years.  First, most aren't very funny and seeing them once is enough. Makes you long for the Doritos rat, the Bud frogs, the racy GoDaddy girl doesn't it? Or how about the Honda guy looking for his big shirt? For those overseas it turns out his daughter turns it into a gown the guy wears as he goes off to work. It's, well shocking and funny at the same time!

My advice, and I need to follow it as well, is to add a touch of humor in those descriptions. They may not buy that item but they may well remember you in the future. We all have a story to tell.  Let your spirit, love and humor shine through!


  1. I love your comments about humor. I find humor in almost anything and I will try to do that more in my Etsy shop "ALABAMANANA"

  2. Thank you. When all else fails, we can always laugh!