Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Learning Rosemaling Basics

I took my first Rosemaling class in Las Vegas. I took it because I like the image shown for the class and it seemed to be in the vein I was going with doing my Pennsylvania Dutch designs. You can imagine my surprise on hearing what the designs were and where they came from. It was tough but I was hooked.

My first attempt at home was this plate. I found a design to start with and created this design for the wooden plate shown here. However, it was worked on in fits and starts because I often didn't know what to do, especially how to do it.

I found a few books but they were mostly designs with minimal instruction. It was like you were supposed to know how. I wish.

We are going to spend a week in Norway this summer traveling with Danish friends. They kindly humor me and we will definitely spend time in Telemark, the center then and now of Rosemaling.

Many mysteries though were solved when they sent me a book on Rosemaling printed in English. Impossible to find here, it mentioned that to handle the amazing curves and flourishes you need to have one hand steady the other. And yes, it works. While this is just a start you can see the beginnings of rich curves and flourishes painted over a rough sketch of what I wanted to do.

Rosemaling had its heyday once but attracts audiences still. I guess it could be argued it influenced many other countries and styles, then and now. In an era of sameness where everything looks like every other item, the colors and sensuous shapes of Rosemaling catch your eye.  The intricate lines, shading, colors and amazing flourishes are like no other.

I certainly will continue this. Be it a craft or a fine art painting, practice really does make perfect.

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