Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Painting a CRAZY QUILT DESIGN, 3 for 1

Here is the evolution of my CRAZY QUILT designs
You will have to admit, there are no other painters, designers out there creating a "crazy quilt" design on a birdhouse. I guess they are very desirable as the three I did are now gone. The other objects have been slower to move but nevertheless I figured it was time to create another.

As you can see, the painted fabric background is pretty sad. Flat and without much character. A bunch of random colors that looking at it makes me even wonder why I picked those colors.

However, I wanted a lighter palter and decided that I would choose two colors each from blue, green, purple. tan, gold and red. For extra measure I even through in a silver. You never know.

Patterns added to background colors.
As you can see, adding patterns does give some life to the flat colors. It is a real chore deciding how to add those colors. Some I took from the background, others were new colors that either complemented the fabric or the pattern.

There is still much to do. Finish the patterns - I hit a roadblock last night and after about 5 hours decided to call it quits for the night. Then I add the stitching connecting all the fabrics together, coloring bases and bottoms before antiquating and finally sealing this against the elements.

Hopefully this will all be available on my Etsy store soon.

Stay tuned! My next wild idea is to create a rocket cactus birdhouse.

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