Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's It Worth?

After many hours, and it's still not done, I have been preparing for Halloween. I only had a few things last year and was only able to sell a few items at a local craft fair!

Raw materials all completed
This year I wanted to be more prepared. While I realized I could put Christmas items up now for two four month cycles on Etsy, in order to have items in time for Halloween decorating, I realized that it would have to be up and ready by the middle of June. If they haven't decorated by the middle of the October, it isn't going to happen. I want to be ready this time around.

In an earlier blog I wondered if I could be a bona fide artist if I decorated items that were marginally designed for some holiday; in this case Halloween. I can say, without ANY guilt or remorse that I can. I certainly have spent as much time painting these items, with their faces and such as I would have spent decorating my own items. Never content with whats there, I add, as any good artist would, my own embellishments.

I will be ready for Halloween this year and wonder, will consumers pay for what they think they could have done (but didn't) and if so, how much are they willing to pay?

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