Saturday, June 8, 2013

2014 Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention Brochure is Here!

I just received my brochures for the 2014 Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention and, of course, was eager to see how the listing of my class looked. Since I have to be there anyway I also looked at all the new classes being offered. I'm there and I know that the teachers of those classes have something to teach me. While I was saddened to be ill this year, in years past I have learned much. Besides I don't gamble and can spend an entire week there and not gamble one penny! I usually go morning, noon and night! Classes start Sunday, Feb. 23rd and continue to Friday, Feb. 28th at the Tropicana Hotel.

2014 Creative Painting Convention Brochure
This coming years convention has several new and intriguing twists. Besides the return of many of the well known craft and fine art teachers, they are offering a smattering of "Retro" classes, classes that have already been taught at least 10 years ago that might be of interest to the new attendees. Like the TV ad said, if you've never seen the show, its new to you! They are right. So, 16 classes from the past are being offered covering craft, decorative and fine art projects every bit as challenging as anything new being offered today.

Another new feature is the UFO session. UFO stands for UnFinished Objects, another wards, any of the projects you didn't have time to finish you can bring in and there will be a teacher available to help you finish or fine-tune your project. In fact two rooms will be available Thursday evening from 5 - 10 p.m. One room is for oil paintings you want to finish and the other room will have acrylics and watercolors available.

This is a wonderful idea. Statistics prove and, I can attest to the fact, if you leave the convention with an unfinished project, the chances are slim you will ever finish it. I am pretty stubborn and do finish some  but over the years there have been those I finally threw away. I didn't have the materials, didn't understand the instructions and well, they are now history. This gives you a chance to talk to a teacher who can help you or will find someone who can.

Classes are offered in a wide variety of subjects: fine art in oil and acrylics, watercolors, theory classes, ranging from beginner to advanced students, batiks, silk painting, glass painting and many craft items from world renowned teachers. The teachers include Peggy Harris, a decorative painter, Robert Warren who will literally make you a fine art oil painter, Dorothy Dent, Doxie Keller, Pricilla Hauser, Akemi Dan, Shirley Koenig, Arlee Jenkins, Bill Bayer another fine art oil teacher, Jillybean Fitzhenry, Valerie Stewart, Joyce Ortner and her wonderful seascapes, Cheri Roi and many, many more.

If you are a craft, decorative or aspiring fine art painter, this is the place to be. This convention is one of the oldest and still the biggest offered today. The best part, is that on your off times, there is plenty to do! The MGM Grand is across the street, New York New York is nearby and things are usually not so crowded this time of the years making it easier to get show tickets.

You can look at the classes being offered online at: You can also sign up to get a brochure as well. My class is #170, "Plumeria" an acrylic painting that I wrote about last year. It will be offered on Thursday, Feb. 27th from 9 am to 4 pm. One additional new twist welcome to both teachers and attendees is that classes NOW begin at 9 am rather than 8 am.

See you there!

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