Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Idea Is Born?

An artist is always looking for a new idea. If not a new idea, at least new to them. A case in point was the other day, when I was decorating some bird feeders I found on sale at Michael's, I thought as I painted away, I wonder if I could make these into a kit? It was a relatively simple item, a bird feeder but ripe with possibilities.

I took a very basic (and very inexpensive) bird feeder and with some imagination painted a trees branches, leaves of different colors, added some "fruit," put in a few nails to make sure it would hold together when used outdoors and voila, it was done. Obviously not that fast but those were the basic steps. Several good coats of Varathane and we are good to go!

It made me wonder, what if? What if I took photos of each step, created a blow by blow summary and with the raw item packaged it all together and then sold it as a kit? All one would have to do it get the paints I listed or use what they had that would be close enough. I learned long ago, that it is rare that any project such is this is ever the same. What you create, even with the best instructor, is your own unique piece of art. It may have a semblance of the original but it is still your very own.

When you think of it, there were many ways one could have gone with the feeder at the right. While I enjoy playing with colors, there are many who like to create items such as this, but want someone to show or tell them what to do. I rarely like to do this and in fact am the only student at my mentor's who is always creating their own items. Everyone else seems content to go where someone else has gone before! When I do, I feel they have or I hope they have something,  to teach me.

I have been stunned at the return AND popularity of "paint-by-numbers" paintings of late. They are everywhere. Online, in crafter catalogs and at the crafting stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. People want to create but don't feel confident to create on their own,

After all, isn't that what paint guilds and a variety of crafting shows are all about? Someone has painted or created something and for a price is willing to show you how they did it. If you go to the convention show, the aisles are filled with artists selling their kits. So, I thought why not? Only, I would sell the whole thing, instruction packet and the item to be used. Its an idea that, for me, IS new!

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  1. I do believe a creative entrepreneur has been born! I find myself doing this same thing -- painting something and then wondering how to turn it into a pattern or how to create kits of pre-cut wood to go with it. An artist with an entrepreneurial streak is an awesome thing to behold. I love your kit idea, and yes, I would buy one!