Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let's Hear It For The Red White & Blue!

There is a reason why some color combinations are near and dear to us. This really showed itself to me in a crafting project I recently completed. I had outlined in pencil a basic idea of what I wanted to do, as  many of you know, I am not shy about using color. Yet, this time I wanted something different.

Sitting at a dinner at church waiting for a speaker to talk I glanced around the room and spotted an American flag up on the stage. In the relatively dim light, there was something rich and majestic in it. Trimmed with gold, the deep blue, with the red almost a burgundy with white stars and stripes, the colors looked perfect. I knew what colors I would use.
Americana Patchwork Birdhouse by KrugsStudio

If you don't think painting those diamonds is tough, think again. While I only had to contend with three colors, Payne's Grey, Tuscan Red and Buttermilk I have to be sure to get a fairly equal number of each color on a side and roof. Of course there was also the cupola.

When the colors were in place it was well, kinda drab. I knew that it would be antiqued but somehow it needed something else. Even the small wooden heart with the golden heart with wings on top helped. So, from my experience with crazy quilts, I played with the blue diamonds coming up with about four different small patterns. I liked those. They gave the entire birdhouse some interest.  Then, I added red strips to the buttermilk. That looked pretty nifty as well so I came up with a few variations for those diamonds as well.

Its a process here. You start with one idea, get influenced by another and before you know it you have altered course. But it was a course I liked. I decided, in the spirit of crazy quilts to leave the red squares alone. I made sure there were reds used in the blue and cream diamonds but felt that was the perfect balance.

Still something was missing. I edged the roof edges with gold and yet, it needed something, something to really make it pop! Then I found some round balls with holes that were made for beading. Gluing them to the corners and painting them gold made all the difference in the world. I went from a ho-hum birdhouse with some flashy detailing to a stand by your bird kind of birdhouse that was upright and confident. Just that little bit of change made all the difference in the world.

There is a reason certain combinations remain popular. They arouse certain feelings, they seem to always be in style and they are easy to decorate with. Be adventurous, try something thats out of the box. A patriotic birdhouse? Why not? Many birdhouse will never see a drop of rain, remaining a fun, collectible item that is used to decorate homes year round. At least, that is my take on the subject. I have been to many homes that use a birdhouse as an accent. The antiquing made it an instant classic but then who wants to wait around all those uses for the patina to appear. It took me about an hour!

This will be my last blog for a few weeks as I am leaving for Norway today. I will try to relate my adventures from my iPad but I can't seem to get photos from my iPad library to upload to my blog. I firmly believe photos make ALL the difference in the world! This is my first trip to Norway and I can't wait. Hopefully I will get my fill of Rosemaling. We certainly are going to spend a little time in the regions that are well known for this.

Enjoy your summer! I am hoping in getting a years worth of ideas!

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