Monday, December 30, 2013

The Delicious Sin of Pinterest

Screen Shot of Pinterest After Renewing Etsy Items
As an artist who paints or draws or does anything thing that ends up displaying an image, you are drawn to images...Your own images and the images of others in a need to know what they are doing! If you haven't, and it seems that still many have not, the place to look and see is Pinterest, that great secret fun and BIGGEST time sync of your life!

Not only do you find art, photos, crafts but clothing, recipes, decorating tips. With judicial board selecting it's very easy to find tips on how to do artsy fartsy things and so, SO much more. Beware that search box!!!

Not only can you post your crafts or art there, you can just pin just anything you see on the Internet.  Besides what you post, you certainly don't need to post anything, you get to see what your friends and their friends are looking at as well. I don't know if its as intrusive as Facebook, but this is the land of images, often stunningly gorgeous images. You get to create boards to remember your favorites that can be a public or private (they allow "private" boards).

For an artist it can be invaluable. I can't tell you how clicking on a piece of art has taken me into adventures that rival the old card files at the library. I would go in to the library with a class topic to research, say democracy, and by the end of the evening be checking out the fall of the Roman Empire marching up and down the non-fiction aisles. With Pinterest, you are on the same kind of adventure and before you know it, it's well past bed time. Really, it's that addictive.

I find one of my greatest delights is seeing new things, or more likely new to me. Van Gogh is my favorite painter and while I have several beautiful books of his work, now and then a piece I have never seen before crops up.  I enjoy seeing new artists, really cool cars, tech info, even recipes.

You can pin others boards that feeds into your daily stream or "pin" images to your own boards to check back again and again. I have boards for all my Etsy store categories, even my blog, but have other boards for things I want to see another time. Your stream moves pretty fast after awhile, but the general Pinterest flows like a waterfall. However, I have never seen my items there but someone must as I do have items pinned now and then. Some even venture to my Etsy store.

It's easy, free and sinfully time consuming. If you haven't set up your very own Pinterest account what are you waiting for?

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