Friday, December 20, 2013

Using DecoArts New Americana Multi-Purpose Satin Paints

One of the wonderful programs that DecoArt has is a program for artists called "Helping Artist Program" that helps with samples, pricing, etc., for artists that are teachers. Now and then you also are given samples of new products to try with the hopeful intent that you will use it in your classes and create a demand for the product.

Before I was struck down with a spinal injury in February they had given me paints that I would need to teach my two classes at the Las Vegas Painting Convention. Later, they rolled out a new line of paints, their Multi-Purpose Satin paints. I asked for and they sent me a set but they sat unused for awhile. I didn't have a project I wanted to use them on.

IPA Glasses all decked out with DecoArts new Satin Paints
When I asked a friend what he would like for Christmas, he thought a moment and said he wanted me to decorate some IPA (tulip) glasses. I agreed and scrounging around at the $1 Store no less, found 6 of these glasses, Made in America I might add, for $1 each.

When you read the label on the Satin paint it appears that you can put it on just about anything, and I MEAN anything. Here is what they say, "Excellent adhesion on wood, metal, glass, terra cotta, ceramics, paper máché, most plastics, fabric and canvas. Wow, what is this, a jack of all trades and master of none? So, I put it to the test.

For a new line they have a wonderful and colorful collection of paints. Some are maybe too close but I believe there are about 50 colors and as you can see in the photo, cover the color spectrum. Since I had never painted on glass before, I created a design and put it on an old wine glass. The first problem, surely one glass painters already know, is that the paints streaks. They  recommend one or two coats but I soon learned that you have to apply it with a soft brush and I found thicker than you would say on wood. Because you applied it thickly, you had to made sure it didn't run. I had glasses laying on their sides all over my desk. And because you are painting two sides, you have to paint one side, let it dry and then paint the other. Luckily, unlike wood, if you make a mistake you just wipe it off!

I created six designs, taped them inside the glasses and then painted on the glass using the inside glass templates. One side today, the other side tomorrow. I kept adding color and then more color and made some attempt to show the same colors on all glasses because they were a set. The designs were very different but I hoped the colors would tie them together more than just the glass shape alone. As I moved from glass to glass, I had to be careful not to touch the new paint! The other issue was that since this was my first attempt, I just couldn't get the fine points I expected and when I did it wasn't where I wanted them. I tried to go from major areas needing lots of paint to increasingly smaller areas until finally with a liner getting the fine details. It worked better if the paint was dry though I did have some fun introducing one color into another (wet) one. You need to wipe the brush though as it will contaminate the colors and you end up with a mess. I found the best route was to let the earlier color nearly dry before adding another color on top.

Like I said, in this case its impossible to paint two sides at once. I had paint (still do) all over my hands and finally, when one side was done either called it a day or moved on to something else.

I paint mostly wood items and wanted to try these new Satin's on a birdhouse I was also working on. While some regular Americana paints are opaque or translucent depending on color, I found Satin's were more translucent over a broader color range. I don't think I will give them up quite yet for Satin's but I can see their value especially on non-porous surfaces ... metal, glass, plastics, ceramics.

The paint can be cured and air dried for 7 days or for dishwasher safe items, you put them in a cool oven, turn the timer and leave them in there for 30 minutes at 325º then leave them there to cool off with the oven door open. Its as simple as that.

I have washed a glass by hand with no apparent problems but have not tried one in a dishwasher.

The beauty of this is that it opens so many creative drawers. Now there is just one paint for non-porous surfaces. While the color range, compared to Americana, is limited, there are more than enough colors to create things. I mixed a few of the colors with no problems.

If you have been dying to try painting on something other than wood or canvas or paper, you might want to give them a try. I believe they are being stocked at all the usual suspects ... Michael's, Hobby Lobby and I would guess A. C. Moore. Many independent shops also carry DecoArt products, a company that has become the preeminent brand of craft paints today.  For more details and information check them out on the Internet,

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