Thursday, June 5, 2014

Moments Of Whimsy

Purple Passion Birdhouse
Every now and then, I take a kind of leave of my normal artistic sense and play. Of course not every "played" item is worth keeping and either I throw it away but since most of my products are wood all I need to do is put another coat of acrylic paint. There is yet again a new blank surface.

My PURPLE PASSION BIRDHOUSE is a case in point. I was experimenting with how to fade paint on wood. Its not really all that different than a canvas though, as I quickly discovered, wood accepts colors differently than either watercolor paper or a canvas. In fact, wood is very unpredictable. Anyway, I went on with whatever I was working on and there on my desk sat my experiment or what I had done with it.

As an aside, whenever I visit a craft store, limited to mostly Michaels, or if I've made the trek to Hobby Lobby or sometimes go to JoAnn's with my wife, I look at all the bargains. You just never know what you might find. If it remotely might be used and its cheap, cheap, cheap I will give it a chance. That's how that glittering bird got pasted on this birdhouse. I figured since its a small birdhouse, no bird would ever use it so why not put a bird on the perch?

As I was looking through my boxes of goodies one day, I happened upon the glittery birds. Looking at the unfinished birdhouse I realized I had the perfect color "birdie" and picking up the birdhouse, sketched some Pennsylvania Dutch motifs and painted away.

It was sold today and of course a flood of memories, those talked about above, came to mind. Despite what we may think, anything you create has a intimate relationship with you. Just as a composer or writer or any other kind of creator, what we create is deep down a part of ourselves. Just as we may not always like what we create, I have been surprised many times to find that others actually do. If you created it, put it out there. If we all liked the same things the world would be a boring place. Keep that in mind when something doesn't go the way you wanted you put your heart and soul in it and still, run with it!

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