Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Abstract Portrait: More Than One Way To Skin A Cat, Part 2

After a nice nap, I wanted to continue and even finish my abstract portrait. It was done along with another painting that I had started and realized after classes at the Society of Decorative Painters, really wasn't done.

"Jon" step three
My portrait, labeled "Jon" continued where I had left off. This time, I filled in the face that had been left alone as I defined the colors around the face.

As you can see, the colors mirror the surrounding colors but are not necessarily the same. I wanted there to be a contrast of face to background but not so different as to seem from another picture!

Continung on the challenge was to define the abstract face. However, it had to "be" a face, not something merely appended there. That led me to this next phase where I began to show the nose, eyes, mouth.

As you can see, all the colors are there but not in any particular order.

Portrait of "Jon"
What marks a big difference for me is the colors. They are my traditional colors...Napthol Red, Vermillion, Cobalt Blue, Phylo Green, Purple, Yellow, Indian Yellow, Black and even unbleached Titanium White. What surprised me after it was pretty much done was that it was so Vassily...Kandinsky... so Expressionist.

It isn't my cup of tea but until you try, you will never know. I really love the colors but.... it is so unlike anything I have ever done, I can't say that its something I would ever do again. However, I will keep the colors and love the way they contrast against each other.

Its only a canvas and the lessons learned will last a long, long time!

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