Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple's iOS 8, NOT Ready For Prime Time

From the moment is became clear that Apple was going to bring out larger phones with the iPhone 6, I knew I had to have one. While my iPhone 5 was pretty reliable, the screen was small and I wanted something a little bigger. The operating system wasn't very reliable despite updates to both iOS 7 and iOS 8. In fact I wrote about it here last year. I still shake my head in wonderment that Maps could take me from Nashville to our time share in Williamsburg, VA but it couldn't take me 5 or so miles across town.

A friend carries two Android phones, a Nexus 5 and an even larger Galaxie 5. They were close  to what the rumors said Apple was going to offer. The Nexus wasn't bad but almost at the limit of my small hands. I would have to have a "sturdy" case for the larger phone that was almost too big for my hands. I could see dropping it a lot. Seeing them together today at the Apple Store I'm glad I picked the smaller phone.

I've read about the problems with iOS 8 and the litany goes on and on. The first update shut down everyone's phone that installed it. A day later another appeared and I think everyone waited to see what would happen. My iPhone 5 started acting up after the download. Some glitches didn't affect me but 6 users that downloaded it had no phones for well over a day. There was also a glitch on the fingerprint sensor that I can tell you still malfunctions. DON'T ACTIVATE IT!

There is a list of problems. Bluetooth syncing, problems with the thumb sensor, can't remember your passwords and today iCloud was down and wiping out information on both the 6 and backups to iCloud. I spent 90 minutes with AT&T trying to get the phone to remember the message password, one that I had written down two years ago. Finally he wiped it clean and it finally worked.

My experience today was after we used my thumbprint for security, it seemed fine. Then talking to a staffer at the store regarding iMac issues, we needed to use the phone. It wouldn't turn on without a pass word number. We got into a heated discussion over this since I had never entered a numbered code, just my thumb. It didn't make sense. In any event we could not get into the phone. We were locked out. Doesn't this sound like Microsoft? Have your customers do the product testing for you? That phone had to be replaced.

On Flipboard tonight they were talking about how Apple is working on iOS 8.1, 2 and 3. I say lets get 8 ready for prime time first. I am sick of the Microsoft direction of Apple since Jobs died. Heads would have rolled over iOS 8 and the phone bending. You KNOW staffers have been using these for months. It never bent in anyones pocket? Ever? Too many knew it could be a problem and they went ahead with it anyway. The long litany of problems documented daily since the launch is deplorable. This isn't the Apple I've known and loved. I have two weeks to decide and my trusty iPhone 5 is always there. My advice is to wait a little longer. The phone is pretty nice. Keep it out of a back pocket or tight skinny jeans. Why anyone would put a piece of glass in their back pocket then sit on it for hours at a time and expect nothing to happen is beyond me.

Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are not ready for prime time. With each generation I am beginning to wonder if they ever will again? Lets be honest here, Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. And witnessing the debacle of the past two weeks, daily software issues and phones that bend, not a good manager either.

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