Friday, September 5, 2014

My First Gallery Show

Tomorrow, Sept. 6, 2014, I will hang my paintings in my first real art gallery show. There will three of us showing so it gives a bit of variety when people come to view the fine art.

The venue is an old house, the Walker House, given to and now maintained by the city of San Dimas, CA. I had heard that they were looking for artists and so I sent in my application along with some photos of my art months ago and was accepted!

As you can imagine the past few weeks have been hectic. Why do we wait? On the other hand why are things so complicated?

I finalized the paintings I would take as they recommend a $500 cap on prices. Then this morning made the cards for each of the paintings.

After designing the brochure I hope to hand out my version of Quark, 10.2, refused to print or create a PDF yesterday. It crashed. I did everything I know how to do to no avail. Finally I checked for updates and 453 MB later I installed it. This morning it printed and created PDF's like it always had. What the???

You have to wonder. Why would you release any software with such critical issues? The consumer should not be the tester (though Microsoft has gotten away with that for years). These software companies have plenty of overpaid geeks that you hope are doing just that. I'm a-thinkin' they are too busy trying to decide which BMW to buy than getting down to business.

Then the printer who was doing my business cards called and after another tense two hours and every file known to man said I needed to do something I had never heard of before that finally made me cancel the order. While the printer is being bitchy, I printed them here at home. There is more than one way to skin a cat. In retrospect I probably could have made them two sided as well.

A friend is going to help me hang the paintings and because we are a week early any mistakes, missing items and such can be brought to the gallery before it opens to the public next Friday.

If you live in the Los Angeles Metro area, come on by. It is from 5:30 to 8:30 pm Sept. 12-13 and 19-20. There will be refreshments and you will get to meet the artists! I'm excited to even be there. It will be a new experience for me. Maybe artists are pubic junkies too. However, you are putting yourself, exposing yourself and your ideas to the public. As we all know, it can be brutal. I have come to the conclusion that you will never know if you never try. I am hoping for the best!

Please visit my craft store at and my fine art store at Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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