Friday, November 28, 2014

Cleaning Out The Garage to See What You Really Have

Our garage is an embarrassment. It seems we stand at the threshold and try to find room for another item. Before my surgery I did make a little leeway but was stunned at all I have.  Other than an accessory I don't have I don't need to buy anything more for years, literally.  My wife says I'm a backrat and she is right.  Other crafters I know are even worse and because I'm the young whippersnapper dump their stuff on me.

She, after hours cleaning the garage out, brought in a box and bag I didnt all.Then I remembered where they came from. So busy with my own things, I ignored them probably for several years now. Since I haven't really been able to paint and such its a good time to sort and get rid of things I will never use. 

The biggest limitation with recovery is that spirit can be willing but the body is weak. While I walk a bit farther each day, it also tires me and naps soon follow. However, that is good as you have excercised and then give your body an opportunity to heal and get stronger.

My surgeon says walk, walk, walk but in January the "real" physical training hits. Lord have mercy! I hope to go swimming soon and that should help rebuild the muscle mass I have lost. 25 pounds loss is good or not.  ALL my clothes fit for once or are baggy. I feel like some 90 year old not a vibrant 69 year old. I don't hurt when I walk and that is truly a blessing!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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