Monday, November 17, 2014

Down But Not Out!

I want to thank my readers who stuck by me these past few weeks. It has been an interesting journey as I waited for the spinal surgery Nov. 5th. I won't go into the details of that tough few days but for the first time in a few years I have NO pain in my legs or hips from the stenosis in L4 and L5.

Now while they had to realign my L5 and the pad  which were bulging they caught it before there was any permanent damage. However, even in the hospital watching the ads about surgery like mine on TV I realized they lied. IT HURT!A lot. After a reaction to Percoset, I stopped all painkillers and bucked up. I found safe positions to lay in bed while actually walking had little pain at all.
So, I had time to dream up new designs even with limited focus. I was very amazed. I am under restrictions about sitting up, told to walk frequently and rest. The ideas came through unscathed.

The "Honey Bees Birdhouse" was more or less finished just before I entered the hospital. A friend had given me the birdhouse, I had beehives and flowers that were glued on top of painted ones and a few trees were glued to the base. It is shabby chic, something almost foreign to me but looks sweet and will amazingly go with much decor.

Each day is better and I graduated today from walker to cane. I now realize the importance of walkers but am glad to let that go. You bump into many things even while trying not too and those back legs...well, someone will make a fortune if they come up with a better solution.

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