Friday, November 11, 2011

New Items Added at KrugsStudio ETSY store

This afternoon I have added two new items to KrugsStudio at

Be sure to check out the decorated wooden box that has a mesh top suitable for potpourri as well as many small items!

This is a design that recalls early Americana as well as an Egyptian influence on colors I saw on our trip a few years ago. Don't you hate the blandness of America today? Look down a row of cars in any parking lot and they are white, grey or black. We have become a nation of conformists. 

Guess its my age showing but I remember the 50's when tail fins were big and colors both inside and outside the car were bright. Orange, turquoise, pink, yellow and red.

For those of you wanting a more muted palette check out my new outdoor suitable bisque birdhouse. Decorated with climbing Morning Glory's and green leaves, this is the perfect addition to any yard that encourages winged visitors.

There are three similar birdhouse available for $25.00 each. Note that while they all use the same basic design and colors, because they are done by hand, from the drafting of the design to the painting, each one is unique and different. You will definitely have a unique piece.

There's a great deal of talk about making this Christmas an American Christmas...supporting local stores, businesses and I would guess artists. While it is difficult to purchase many items used for crafting here that are made in the United States, the artist does live here. Items made by artists such as myself and the thousands on make unique gifts that no one will have. You are supporting people that live here and would definitely appreciate your support.

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