Monday, November 21, 2011

New Red Birdhouse for the Holidays!

Decorated birdhouses are certainly popular items. It you check out the site there are over 225 pages of them in a wide variety of styles from very simple and rustic to very ornate.

As a vehicle for decoration, they certainly have an appeal. Here you have a nice clean space, often 4 sided but also round, six sided or even more! A birdhouse just seems a natural item to decorate whether the bird cares or not!

I started my craft painting after looking at a birdhouse on sale at Michael's one day. They had finished imports that were rather drab with no color and certainly not imaginative. I found a book on Pennsylvannia Dutch motifs and thought, I could do this.

Over the years my style has become more refined, details clearer and I have learned to do in a stroke what it took many strokes to do before.

The hardest thing is the choosing of colors. After the original sketch is created, then comes the color selection process...bottles are lined up, caps off, then comparing tone, hue and intensity. Color charts are nice, but I think that underneath it all, what you feel in your "gut" is what will determine the colors to use.

Check out my store and see the new items. New Christmas items will be added soon!

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