Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Cleaning

After a few weeks of planning, reading and yes, finally opening and posting items on my ETSY site, the time had some to clean up the home office. Littered with photos, cameras, paintings, lists of things to do, and things to post, the measurements, the ideas about selling price and a few other projects thrown in as well, the time had come. I couldn't see the counters anymore despite the neat (and not so neat) piles of papers.

The one thing I can say about, there certainly is no lack of information. You can sign up for a multitude of newsletters. However, as much as I try, and maybe being a senior citizen is part of the problem, I have yet to easily link this blog to my ETSY store, links to Facebook (something I have yet to figure out) and well, I haven't even tried linking to Twitter. I can't figure that at all. I got two books on ETSY and even the ETSY FOR DUMMIES didn't do it for me. I guess I need to literally see the work well, and if I can replicate it, then I can master it. In the meantimeI guess I need to find some teenager to show me how to link these all least like the guy on Handmadeology says it can be done.

Does anyone read this? In the meantime, if you do and know how to do this linking, please let me know!

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