Monday, October 15, 2012

A Yard Sale Item Renewed!

In a earlier post I mentioned that with careful looking you could find some real treasures to work with in your crafts at yard sales, flea markets and other venues where others peoples junk is your treasure.

My wife picked up a handmade note holder at a yard sale. I considered it for a long time before doing anything with it.  After painting several of my crazy quilt designs on trays and such, that were admittedly rather colorful, I came across this item once again and thought, well, why not? And why not in more muted tones?

It had been given a walnut stain on basically pine wood by the maker. It was still well made and as I discovered still very useful. If it was near a phone, it would save many a dash for pen and paper. Here in one place was what you needed. It held a pencil or pen and had a looooooong roll of adding machine tape to write on. Once the note was made, you pulled down and tore off the paper. How much better can it get? Writing on paper is still faster than some digital device I believe.

Adding machine tape is available at any Office Depot or Staples store and pencils and pens are always hanging around. To make this work though, make sure you put the writing instrument back.

It is always a wonderful experience to bring something back from the dead. I hope this gives you all a sense of inspiration when you are looking for things to work on or recreate.

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