Monday, October 8, 2012

The Artist and the iPhone 5

I have had an iPhone since the day they first arrived...June 29, 2007. In January 2007 I walked into MacWorld just after Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. It wasn't like anything else in the marketplace and certainly not what all the pundits thought it would look like or would do. Here was, well, a computer the size of a phone. A computer that oh-by-the-way you could make a call on.

When you walked in a 50 ft. high photo of the phone greeted you. There were about two models of it in a glass covered dome rotating much like the Hope Diamond does at the Smithsonian. After listening to the spiel I had my doubts as did just about everyone else around me. Jobs was right though, just about everyone hated their cell phones. I certainly hated my "state of the art" Motorola Razor. If I wanted to do anything with it, even find basic information, I would look around for a teenager and have them find it for me. It was that bad.

The O'Reilly books booth had signed up David Pogue of the New York Times to talk about the phone and it turned out he was about the first non Apple or AT&T person to get to use one. In fact he played with the one Steve Jobs had. Finally at the end of his talk he said that "this will be the definitive device of the 21st Century. This will change everything." We listened to him but had no clue what he was talking about. After all, it was a phone that could do a few more things. How clueless we were.

I had been ill the month before the phone was to arrive and the day before I stood in line with the hordes to get my phone, my wife had flown to Kenya.  iPhone in hand, I had lots of time to learn to use it. By the next day, going to a class a friend had signed me up for, I discovered I knew as much as the kid teaching us how to use it, in fact a bit more. After all, he hadn't had his hands on it much before me.

I had a 3Gs that was showing it's wear in that it was dropping calls, was getting slower and slower and had declining battery life. Excited about the iPhone 5 and the camera it had, I ordered mine at 5:30 am the first day you could online. It didn't arrive until two weeks later and well, it has lived up to all its hype. And sometimes in ways I hadn't planned for.

One of the features that everyone talks about, especially professional photographers, is the great camera it has.  In fact, many of them carry and use their iPhone for know the kind you and I usually take. With 8 megapixels, it gives a sharp, and very clear image even allowing for a small amount of adjustments in the phone itself. If that isn't enough, there are many free and purchasable apps to enhance your photos before you ever use them.

In fact, I am painting a photo I took while walking my dog. Cactus flowers where you can even see the pollen on the bees! It is a wonderful tool that you should have with you always. Be it a scene you would like to paint, an idea you want to remember even a label or email address you want and can't find a pen to write it down. Snap a photo. After you use it, delete it.

While I know people are making art from their camera phones, for the serious painter or crafter, this is an important tool to have with you at ALL times. It is a recordable device that can play music while you paint, send ideas to fellow painters or crafters, make movies of you that you can send to YouTube, email, and a whole bunch more with a device that is literally in your hand.

If you haven't, visit an Apple, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint store and play with one. Apple stores are best because the employees REALLY know their stuff and you can play to your hearts content. You will find, like I have, you can't leave home without it.

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