Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Since today is Halloween, talking about transformations seems like the perfect topic. Often we think of the undead, or the dead rising to some kind of life during the dark hours between Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st. You know the drill.

Cities talk about bringing themselves back from the dead and we will all witness New York City do that from one of the worst storms to  ever hit it. New Orleans too is literally back from the dead. Who will ever forget the chaos at the Super Dome those days after Katrina and now watch a football game being played in that same arena today?

Art has transformations, and unless we talk about the Armory Exhibit in the early 1900's, which set the New World on fire, art tends to move at a glacial pace. And since Armory, many have questioned whether what has followed IS (even) art.

On a simpler note, anyone who has tried to write a book, pen a song and yes stared at a black canvas, they are also transforming something that can be seen or heard and in the process maybe transform themselves as well.

Here is an example just about any tole or craft painter sees every time they start a new project. The blank birdhouse on the right is, well, blank. The possibilities are endless.

I had enough birdhouses and refused to buy yet another just to get a wreath over the door. I couldn't find some of the additional pieces I wanted to make this a Christmas Birdhouse so added what I had and painted on the rest. Actually it does create three dimensions and the addition of the painted parts completes the picture. You can be sure NO ONE will have a birdhouse like this nor can they buy one. I don't even have any of the parts I used. Next year in Vegas I'm getting them by the handful. Birds, trees, snowmen, stars and anything else that adds to the blanks we purchase that help us make the creation our own.

Many of us are creative at transforming ourselves in costumes today, use that same ingenuity with your crafting! 

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