Friday, November 2, 2012

The Artists Hurtle

As I write this I am listening to Mussorgsky's PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION and am struck by how he was able to capture with sound, what it is like to go from gallery to gallery in a  museum. The images, feelings, the way you pause to study a painting, then move on. All with sounds. It made me remember my visit to The Met.

Of course as an artist you don't want too much of that going on. You want your audience to "see" what you have created, not hear it, but hats off to Mussorgsky ... he did a pretty good job.

This brings up a point though, do you ever have a song you hum when you create? Does it change for each project or is it the same song? As I continue to work on my plumeria's, there is always a song flickering through my mind but I realized that I don't even remember what it was and I worked on this yesterday!

Why? Because when I am painting, I am so focused on what I am doing that I really am not aware of things happening around me. Here the struggle was to get the blending of the magenta and vivid yellow on the off-white flowers. It would have been a snap with oils but a bit tougher with acrylics. I am not finished with the flowers.

However, it wasn't until I finally put a layer of green on all the leaves that the picture started to fill out. The orange of the background is still there but muted, edged and through washes under the leaves creating a depth that green alone could never give.

I wanted to show the continuing saga of art creation. How, as we continue with a piece, it can change and become something very different from where we started. That can be good or bad depending on what happens. Hopefully it will be done next week.


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