Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Las Vegas Convention Part 2

I mentioned that I have attended the Painting Convention in years past. 2009, 2011 and 2012. I missed the year after we blew our wad on a trip to Egypt ... a place that I don't think an American might want to go right now. It was the dream of a lifetime for me and worth every penny. I did miss the convention.

After a great series of classes this year, I got a wild hair, supported by my teacher and a close friend, that some of my paintings could easily be taught. They were not difficult and people watching me as I created the original versions, thought they were amazingly simple. I thought about it, dropped the idea but with more encouraging decided at the last minute to submit two classes to be taught by me.

Now, I am NOT a teacher despite a two year stunt in the Peace Corps 40 years ago. My serious painting is about 5 years old and paintings that I would consider showing and yes, teaching, maybe a year or two at most. Any artist has to create a style, a unique vision of what he not only sees but what he "feels." My vision, as I start each new painting is still evolving. My favorite artist, my hero, is Van Gogh. When you look at his earliest paintings, dark, dank gloomy things, to those painted just before he died, the change in style, color, and design is breathtaking. He never gave up and his style kept evolving. While I could be considered cheeky, I believe that I can teach others the things I painted!

The first of my classes is "Two Lilies," actually a mixed media painting with the black being in acrylic and the flowers in oils. I learned from a class taken earlier to outline the canvas and paint the black first, then put in the color. Putting color over black, especially white is, well, hell!

It actually uses about four colors but look how it blends and becomes almost a living flower! Rather than using a whole bunch of colors, I wanted to use a few and show how easy it is to let the colors show the beauty of nature. I am teaching the class from 5 - 9 pm Tuesday, Feb. 26. The class, materials and such is only $42.00.

My "Bird of Paradise" class is an all acrylic painting but again, I outlined the flower and painted the background black leaving the flower portion blank ready to add color. It amazingly uses only a few DecoArt colors. The richness and depth comes by adding nearly transparent layers to allow the same kind of layered lighting we see every day.

And I must admit that to get the subtle shadows that I needed, I floated colors just like I might on a craft or tole painted object. It just shows you, you never know exactly when one of those techniques you learn in one class could be just the trick in creating another! This class is being taught Wednesday, Feb. 27th from 1 - 5 pm. Again the costs is just $42.00 and not only will you have fun you will have a beautiful painting to hang on your wall just like mine is right now in my living room.

Check out the web site, www.vegaspaint.com for a comprehensive list of classes, deals, costs, etc. The convention is being held at the Tropicana Hotel so be sure to ask for convention rates! If you are a painter or crafter, tell your friends. You will not be disappointed. I certainly haven't been! In fact, it seems that each year gets better and better!

If you want to see more of my work, please check out my Etsy store at: Krugsstudio.etsy.com  I'll be glad you did!


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