Monday, December 17, 2012

Artist Raymond Logan's Gallery Show

A few months ago my wife and I stumbled on a small gallery in Monrovia heading to a movie. Late, we postponed going in until later that day. In the window was the painting of an old radio that I recognized from somewhere looking at art on the Internet. The style arrested me so after the movie we headed back. At the time there were only a few of his paintings.

The owner was an affable guy and we soon were deep in "artist" talk though I admitted that I was definitely not in the league of those in his gallery. I signed his guest book and soon forgot the artist and the gallery. Its hard enough developing your own style and sometimes looking at other artists can be an inspiration or a cause of depression. An artist, unfortunately, is always comparing himself to others.

When we received a postcard announcing Logan's show I told my wife we had to go. So, last Saturday, after seeing the movie "Lincoln, " we headed over to the gallery before dinner. We were not disappointed.

The walls were covered with all manner of Logan's paintings. Old Kodak cameras, old radios, phones, bottles, bottles, even a faucet handle plus a few buildings - all in amazing colors, unique brush and palette knife strokes that utterly captivate.

His use of oils that constantly blend colors, often jarring colors in each stroke that when viewed make a wonderful and harmonious whole. To break up drab or plain backgrounds his use of subtle stripes and diamond shapes in colors that compliment the objects is amazing. By taking simple objects, objects that no one would pay much attention to, he somehow takes them and with dazzling colors and brushwork makes them objects to admire.

Born and raised in California he is a graduate of the Art Center in Pasadena, CA. After many years in advertising and graphic design, things subtly shown in his paintings, he decided to paint more. His painting a (most) day since 2007, helped him hone his style and often led to larger paintings of his small studies. He auctions his dailies on eBay, most likely where I saw his work while helping a friend set up her store.

For those local art lovers, Logan's show is from 12-15-2012 until 1-31-2013 at the Sycamore Gallery, 116 E. Lemon in Monrovia, CA. Call the gallery, 626-357-6200  for hours. Prices are reasonable and note the unique framing also made by the artist!

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