Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time To Be Thankful

After many months of no sales or those that seemed and were months apart, I have had many sales, at least for me, the past few weeks. After a year on and several other sites, now abandoned, you begin to wonder!

The sale that surprised me, as so much of my heart and soul has gone into this series, was the original Crazy Quilt birdhouse that won an award in DecoArt's creativity contest this past summer. I heard about the contest at almost the last minute and had just finished the first attempt at "crazy quilt art." I found out I won in Juneau, AK when our ship docked and we finally had a signal!

There have since been two more birdhouses, a Notepad holder that was found at a yard sale and a variety of trays. In fact, the notepad holder has sold as well.

I don't want to brag and I don't want you to think that I am. What I do want to say though, is that it nice to see people purchase items that have been hand made, not something that, while nice and even attractive, is one of thousands or millions. When you buy from KrugsStudio or any other crafter, you are getting a one of a kind work of art! Even when I make three of something, they are NEVER alike. The design is close but because it is hand drawn and hand painted, no two are never alike. Each and every one is unique just like a real Degas or Monet or Pollack. Those ARE works of art. However, if you watch ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW, I am always amazed at the values to what are certainly hand crafted items made many years before. Maybe you will enrich your grandchildren.

I truly urge everyone to check out sites like Etsy,com, and other sites that promote those of us that have taken what was once a hobby up a notch. There truly is something to be said in having your own work of art!

A great deal of time, time you will never be paid for as I have been reminded by so many store owners, goes into a piece. You can't say the birdhouse or the pad holder were something done in a few hours. Try at least several evenings of more than several hours each. Hopefully you begin to understand the amount of time goes into each item we sell and often for less than what you might buy in a brick and mortar store.

Check out my studio at:  Be sure to check out the other sellers there as well. It is amazing there are so many talented people from around the world. There's still time before Christmas.


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