Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Disabled Placard is NOT A Free Ride: How Police Departments Are Missing Out On A Cash Cow!

This past week I have had to deal with a whole bunch of issues including my health. I visited several doctors and had an evening CT Scan. What I started to notice was how few "Handicapped Parking" spaces there were available. I got my placard last year when my back really started to go. It really hit me yesterday when trying to park at Target a driver refused to move so I could straighten out my truck. I gave up and she sailed into the space one space closer to Target. She bops out and furious by then I said, "You can't park here." "I have placard" and pulls it out. Looking at her I then asked, "Is that for your mother or father?" She nodded yes. "You still can't park here, they are not with you." She locked her car and marched into the store.

Several years ago a CBS News crew started watching the areas when real handicapped people could not find a parking space ever. It turned out that small shop owners got there before 7 am, put up the placard and the car sat there all day. They are too stupid to realize they were blocking the very customers they were trying to attract.

I noticed in my scan today this warning: The Illegal use of a disabled parking placard could result in a maximum fine of $4200. How many of these fines do you think have been handed out?  Why weren't the LA cops following that news crew? They could have raked in up to $100,000 on one block. Money crunch? Lets make those who think the rules don't apply to them find out they do. Most will never repeat it again. If they do and their car is towed, it might give them pause the third time. If any entity is going to pass laws, they are for the good of all, not some. We have far too many people today who think they are special. A daily viewing of celebrity bad boy or girl behavior is proof of that. The judge may not do much but my mother would have slapped me all the way to Sunday for any of that behavior. In fact all the mothers I knew growing up would have. If you were there and guilty you got a taste of the punishment as well with my mother's blessing.

Let's put it this way, did you know that the FCC can fine unsolicited phone calls? In fact they can fine a person or telemarketer $7700 per call if you are on the "Do Not Call" registry. You want to know how many fines have been levied? One! 

How many states, cities, counties have fined citizens for just this behavior? If you are disabled, you hurt. You are unable to do what you once could. I have been reduced to tears it hurts so much at times. It limits you and you literally calculate how much energy and time it will take to do something. Many times you simply stay home.

We need a new protocol. In mall parking lots the guards should keep an eye on cars using Handicapped Parking, especially ALL day. Give them a warning and log them. If they see it again, call the police. They have nothing better to do anyway. Athletic and concert venues do the same thing. Streets all over every town, village and city are fair game as well. You don't need to be there 3-4 hours before the concert. Its an employee too lazy to park where they should. And "meter maids" could have open season on the very things CBS saw. One could raise enough fines in a month to pay their salary and benefits with lots left over for the rest of the year. Its time to pressure our officials.

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