Saturday, October 4, 2014

Battling Inkjet Printers: Epson No, Hopefully Canon Yes

Below is the letter I wrote to the Epson CEO who, it turns out, is headquartered in Long Beach, CA, maybe 20 miles away.

I won't go into detail yet again. You read the details and why I finally wrote it after the events of the past week. Companies have for too long hidden problems with service, with items they make they are well aware that have problems (witness GM and Toyota) who both had huge recalls again this week.

I was angered at Bose who didn't want me to Tweet  publicly their lousy service and product. It still doesn't work right. For years most of this kind of behavior has been swept under the rug. Upper management, especially CEO's had better pay close attention or they will join other companies in the trash heap of history. The difference is that today it can happen in a day.

Here is the letter:

P.S. TODAY IS Jan.9, 2015. The Epson printer died again for the 5th time. I got rid of it to a friend who loves Epson products. We shall see. I will never buy Epson again. 

The new Canon MX 922 arrived yesterday and he helped set up the wi-fi printing today. We shall see but so far it prints wonderfully, automatically two sided even. 

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