Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Treasures of Wal-Mart

Straight from Wal-Mart
I know, I know I can see those lips curling, noses up in the air and fingers about ready to click me off at even a hint of that terrible name! But hear me out.

A few weeks ago I was near a Wal-Mart and needed something related to growing. My memory is pretty bad these days. Anyway while the garden center was becoming Christmas, there hanging on the back wall, were some birdhouses, feeders and such. Made in the USA, as rare as chicken teeth today, they must have had 8 or 9 styles. Inspecting them and noting they were red American cedar, I bought a few. None cost me more than $10 and they offered features you would never see in a craft store. Twisted metal hanger, lucite for the feeder and easy loading. You lift the roof and filler' up. Buy the big bag of seed. They may be little birds but they eat like pigs. Really.
With winter a few weeks away for much of the country this is the perfect gift! The birds will appreciate it.

What attracted me was they were all ready to go outside. You have a choice of boring or you can pay more and have a work of art that they may not notice, after all their little brains are thinking food, food, food but placed properly you can enjoy it outside a window. Here is my first attempt. This is sealed with oil Varathane that will give years of life to your bird feeder. When it starts to look dull just give it a new coat. And a word to the wise use sponge brushes. When done throw them away. Forget messy and stinky mineral spirits.

While I didn't sell much at the gallery show I did learn that people don't give much credence to the amount of work artists put into an object. They think we are playing and rather than charging $200 for who knows how many hours of work $20 seems reasonable. I wonder if their bosses can initiate a similar deal. I know a great many people who do little or nothing at work yet manage to complain how stressed they are. How would they know?

I have wandered Wal-Mart as rarely as I can. It is crowded, the kids are out of control and while I haven't seen the shoppers of Wal-Mart in person, some come very very close. However, there may be some other departments to check out. I am pleased enough with the quality and proud to purchase American products!

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  1. People have no clue as to the time and effort that goes into our art work. My 'favorite' comment from someone viewing my crafts is "I can do that" even though they've never picked up a paintbrush in their life! Thanks for the heads up on the birdhouses! Yours turned out great! I've got some people on my Christmas list that would love these. Will look into the Varathane. I've always used the poly on my outdoor projects.