Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From the Actions of Babes

In teaching a small class of kindergartner's how to use Word and iPhoto, an experience that is akin to herding cats I might add, after teaching them how to duplicate a photo (or 20 as they did), they taught me some pretty cool tricks within iPhoto, the basic photo editing program basic to most Apple computers. What amazed me was how quickly they found this out and how in reading about the program I never did. Driving home I considered kids and media. After about 45 minutes they are done so I've learned to provide activities to finish the hour. I was amazed that coloring and plain old drawing was a favorite activity. I got a box of 64 crayons and let them have at it. What got my attention today was the request for a specific color. Doesn't that sound familiar? Here 5 year olds are already color sensitive. What makes some keep that sensitivity while others loose it? Working on a trio of Birdhouses tonight I too came up against that color issue. I guess for some of us it nevers goes away! So, it behooves us to never be too old to learn, to not try something new and not be afraid to select just the right color.

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