Monday, February 6, 2012

iPad 2 Art

For Christmas my lust for an iPad 2 came to fruition. I knew it couldn't do all the things a regular computer could do, but I knew that it could do many of the things I wanted including becoming a wonderful showcase for your art! In fact, more than a year ago, one artist had one at a gallery showing and with a few clicks could show ALL of her work to anyone who was interested. It was a revelation especially as I had been doing the same thing on my iPhone. The iPad though was hands down better. It had a bright, clear and larger screen to show her body of work. I wanted one.

While taking care of a friend who had been in a nasty biking accident, I played with his iPad and learned about a drawing program on it that cost about five bucks. I played with it and got a fairly decent image. However, it was not "art" and I dismissed it.

When I then saw the same artist at last year's LA County Fair, she was still lugging her iPad around. In chatting, she showed me what she had created on her iPad and I was stunned. I could barely tell the difference between her painted art and what she had created on her iPad. It was that good and that close. I was hooked.

Last Friday I decided that rather than lugging my French easel and my old lady shopping cart filled with stuff around Elysian Park, I would take my shiny new iPad 2 with a pen and see just what I could draw. If you have never done this, its not easy. I found however, that it freed you in ways I would not have imagined.
After losing the first attempt (yes I saved it, even named it but it must be saved in the never-land in the sky because I can't find it anywhere) I came home and tried it again from memory. This was my view of Los Angeles from Elysian Fields that overlooks Los Angeles.

As you can see, I have much to learn but at the same time, it gave me the opportunity to be freer and more impressionistic than I have ever been able, brush in hand.

This was done with ArtStudio that has less than minimal instructions. I also have ArtRage that has some help information and will play well with my computer version as well. It appears that you can just about create digital work that mimics every type of media known to man. I can't wait to try!

I will continue to post about my digital adventures and would enjoy hearing from anyone else who is trying to do the same thing!


  1. Hey Alan,
    I too got an IPAD2, but in November. I found a sketching program that is free, but if you want to upgrade it to do more it is $4.99. Have been playing with it some, but I need a pencil thin stylus to use. The stylus I got for Christmas is about the size of a crayon, much to big. It is nice to have something handy when an idea pops in my head.
    Good luck with the Etsy shop and blog. The PAFA Team will help out as much as we can.
    Love your painting, keep at it!!
    Warm Wishes,

  2. Alan, the program I am using is Sketchbook Express from Auto Desk.