Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPad ArtStudio Part 2

After a quasi successful attempt to use my iPad for drawing I returned to Elysian Park in Los Angeles again. Everyone seeing the palm tree was intrigued but felt you could never do much with a digital tablet. I felt and feel I have hardly begun.

 Scouting the vista looking across Dodger Stadium into LA I noticed trees below and one in particular. Scampering down the hill to check it out I was stunned to see this side of the tree covered in graffiti. It was an intriguing shape nonetheless so iPad in one hand and stylus in the other I stood and sketched away.

I concentrated on outlines then scampered back up the hill for some shade. It's LA. We always have sun right? And the one bad features about an iPad, iPhone, etc., is that the screens are not easy to work on in the sunlight!

I had figured out that if I made all layers transparent I could create a gradient on the bottom layer and draw on the next few layers. The second layer had the outline of tree, grass, path and the filled in tree sans graffiti.

My Plein Air partners wanted me to stop after the picture was more or less created as shown here. "Its perfect just as it is! Why add the graffiti?" So for now I have. But I have a good photo of that graffiti and I think layer three may include that. ArtStudio allows exporting of images and the turning on and off of layers.

I will give it a try and see what happens. However, it cannot be denied, this is an amazing tool for artists and will only get better over time!

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