Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello? Is anyone there?

Art, as well as life, is at times difficult. Filled with highs, and just as often, lows.

I think that it takes a great deal of courage to just not paint, but to allow others in whatever venue, to see your art. Of course, the minute you do that, you open yourself to the critic in everyone, assuming that they actually see what you have done. As the "Raw L.A." exhibit showed, art is assumed to take many forms. And in checking out the art of the recently deceased Mike Kelley, you again have to question that even as a pioneer he is said to be, what demons lurked in his soul? Because, there surely were demons.

Even in sunny California, winter time is the blue time. The euphoria of Christmas has faded to the reality of January. I guess that many buyers are not in the mood to buy but merely to look. It is also a time that the seller artist often pauses and wonders about his own skills and abilities. Days of few views and fewer sales, definitely takes its toll. You wonder, am I good enough? Does what I create have a market? Does anyone care?

I wonder, am I alone in feeling this way?

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