Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adventures With New Ideas

My latest birdhouse was an interesting project. Always trying to make what I create better AND different than the standard item anyone can purchase at the local craft store and frequently used as well on Etsy, I wanted this birdhouse to stand out from the herd!

Christmas Santa Birdhouse by KrugsStudio
I learned earlier that merely adding some kind of feet to the $4.99 standard two-hole wood birdhouse available at just about every Michael's would change the look dramatically (see earlier blogs for the transition). A friend brought home some interesting shapes from the Las Vegas Convention that she wanted me to try out ... there were several tree shapes and snowmen, all rather three dimensional. I finally found them in the process of putting, finally, all of my paints together and easily reached. There they were, in a bag. Finally getting into the Christmas spirit I took one of the tree shapes, measured where it would have to be put glued on the birdhouse keeping everything level then glued the tree and three square legs on it.

However, the dilemma began. How do I use the tree? What kind of design would be best? I noticed a snowman in a craft magazine and suddenly it all fit together. Santa would be carrying his bag and a Christmas Tree on his rounds in a village. I put in a Prussian Blue sky and then added stars and gold glitter glue for stars farther away.

Christmas Santa Birdhouse - rear view

This is a birdhouse but hopefully one that will never see sun or rain outdoors. It stands alone as a Christmas decoration and a fun one at that. The tree on the front left was decorated with garland and decorations, Santa's bag is filled with toys and the sleeping village covers the sides and back. No one expects perfection but they do appreciate a story.

This is probably one of the most unusual items I have ever created. It no longer is merely a painted wooden birdhouse. First using the tree shape that gives depth, square feet, then the use of shapes on the roof, the gold glitter glue that was fun to use be requires caution putting down. I also used DecoArts new 3D Gloss Enamel paints with the narrow tip that allows you to create lines. I used that to outline many of the village buildings and while it gives dimension, it also requires caution as it seems to take forever to dry! I have never used mini garland before either and like the dimensionality it much more than merely being painted on.

If you want to see more of this item, check out the additional photos on my store. There are many ways to make simple things more complex without a great deal of time or effort. Being unable to use sharp cutting or power tools due to health issues, it has caused me to get creative and inventive in other ways. Hopefully you will find ways to make yourself stand out from the herd!

Thank you for reading.

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