Saturday, October 26, 2013

Breaking Out Of The Cocoon!

Yesterday I finally took the first step out the door so to speak. After careful consideration, I took my paintings and crafts to a gallery that's part of an art association for consideration. I spoke to the gallery manager who also shows and was told a panel of four will review my work. Once a decision is made they will let me know.

It turned out to be a good time as changes are made each month so if all goes well, I could start November 1st. For a $15 monthly fee and no gallery percentage off of sales it's gotta be the best deal in town.  However, it's a small venue that gets its largest audience twice a month during the cities Saturday Art Walk. That's ok. It's exposure in the flesh. In years past they drew quite a crowd. It's a way to ween myself away from Etsy. It gives buyers a chance to see what I've created first hand. Even the best photograph never captures the real thing no matter how hard we try. The once a month work requirement is fair too. In fact I look forward to meeting people and sharing my artistic vision.

This poster does strike a chord. I could not help but check out the other artists. While it is very easy to say what you like and dislike, it is very hard, at least for me, to belittle that artists vision. We all know of famous artists whose art looks childish or immature or in some famous cases violent or disgusting. This gallery had a variety of styles that I find refreshing. They are very different which artistically is in everyone's favor. What you like I may not.

After discussions about my own art, comparisons of one piece against another, I realize people really do see things differently.  My own family does. I am always surprised when I say that this is my latest piece but I don't like it and in the process of throwing it out, is liked here, in my own house! In fact, craft items I spend much time and effort on are not as easily sold as items that ended up being a trial, a learning lesson that I put online just to have variety.

Exposing your art, exposing yourself and your vision is never easy. Its now time to toughen up and take the lumps along with the sales! I will report back as I continue on with this new adventure.

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